The 2018 rate is $22.00 per week ($286 per quarter). Here is where your money goes each week:

Landscaping Landscape services are provided by Steven's Landscaping (lawn mowing, hedge trimming), Chemlawn (fertilization, weed control), Maya Tree Service (tree trimming from ground to crown), Waterboy (maintenance of the irrigation system) and the City of Irving (water). This also includes the community flower beds.

Landscaping services do not include replacement shrubs, grass, flowers, bed edging, pest control or tree removal on individual homes. Services are not provided to fenced in yards.
Painting Services are provided by Elite Painting and include painting and repair of siding and trim (up to a cap level of $850) and replacement of light bulbs and electric eyes associated with the front yard pole lamps (volunteers).

These services do not include painting or siding repairs between paint cycles.
Commons Repairs Include the often very expensive repairs to roads, walls, garage roofing/doors/ infrastructure, sewer and water lines, and storm drains. These are expenses can run between $8,000 - $75,000. These capital repairs require a vote of approval by the owners before funds are released from the repair reserve savings. In 2017, the Association purchased $55,000 in services from Pavecon (concrete road repairs) and Delta (traffic spikes).

These services do not include "real time" or "on-demand" repairs except for emergency conditions like water main or sewer breaks.
Commons Insurance The community insures the common grounds including streets, walls, the 2023 garage, and all pipelines. All items are insured by either a commercial insurance policy with Philadelphia Insurance Companies, who specialize in HOAs, and by a $17,000 cash reserve held to cover items that can not be insured (e.g., water mains).
Commons Taxes Property and income tax.
Administration Guardian Management (accountant) and Julie Blend, Esq,, attorney/collections, credit card vendor fee, and online-services..
Back Audits The Association has had a backlog of audits dating back to 2007 and has been working to bring them current. This is a one tine charge for four audits.

Annual Cash and Reserves

The Association established dedicated financial accounts for the capital reserves and the emergency reserves in 2009 to prevent commingling of funds. The capital reserves are for future repairs as specified in the reserve study. The emergency reserves are self insurance for those assets of the Association that cannot be insured by commercial insurer.

Item 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Capital Reserves
Emergency Reserves



*Includes land sale to TxDOT $25K
2015: House painting late in year and disputed utilities were paid in following year
2016: Includes collection of past due assessments in excess of $11K

2017: Capital expenditures in 2017 include roadway ($50K), package center & doors ($16K), garage foundation & walls ($12K), and community fence ($2K)

Long Term Reserve Study

A reserve study was completed and approved by the board in 2010 and approved by a vote of owners in January 2011 (96% to 4%). At that time, the capital reserves are far below the funds need for the repairs outlined in the Reserve Study. The owners voted in 2010 to start an annual reserve with an initial rate of $5,000 year. Current reserve rates are 11% of the annual budget.

A revised report has been drafted for homeowner approval in 2018.

Annual Budget - 2018

Three year trend (2016-2018):

Budget Detail:

Current Budget and Monthly Spending Reports

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Collections and Legal Action

The Association's collections are done by Dealey Zimmermann & Blend, PC  

Federal and State Taxes

The Beverly Oaks Homeowners Association files federal taxes as an IRS 528 corporation. The IRS describes "528" as a "quasi not-for-profit" class - a for profit corporation with some special considerations. The primary consideration is that the Association can have dues income without paying tax on it. Beverly Oaks has elected this status since 1983. The Association does not have a 501(c) (4) not-for-profit, Federal tax exempt designation letter. The Association has not been issued a sales tax exemption from the state. The Association is not exempt from paying property taxes.

The Association does qualify franchise tax exemption and filed for this exemption in 1987. The Association is required to report to the State every four years to maintain this status.

The Association pays property tax on the roadway, storage garages, cul-de-sac gardens and mailbox peninsulas. The property has been given a nominal valuation of $22,000 in 2009 even though the improvements have a replacement cost of $1,500,000 (road/water lines/sewer).

FEDERAL TAX FORMS 1099 should be prepared and mailed to all contractors by January 30;

FEDERAL TAX FORMS 1096 should be prepared and mailed to IRS listing all 1099’s mailed by January 30;

FEDERAL TAX FORM 1120H should be prepared and mailed to IRS March 15.


The association shall, as a common expense, annually obtain an independent audit of the records. Copies of the audit must be made available to the unit owners.

An audit required by this subsection shall be performed by a certified public accountant if required by the bylaws or a vote of the board of directors or a majority vote of the members of the association voting at a meeting of the association.

PROPERTY CODE, TITLE 7. CONDOMINIUMS, CHAPTER 82. UNIFORM CONDOMINIUM ACT, SUBCHAPTER A. GENERAL PROVISIONS, Sec. 82.001. SHORT TITLE. This chapter may be cited as the Uniform Condominium Act. Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 244, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1994. Link to Property Code


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