Major Road Repairs

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The community is planning to pour 6,000 cubic foot of concrete in the first major roadway reconstruction project on the communities 34 year-old, 60,000 square foot roadway. 10% of the road surface will replaced.

26 concrete failures were identified by the project team. The most significant concrete failures will be repaired because of financial limitations and practical considerations. The most significant practical consideration is being prepared for possible subterranean problems such as water main, sewer line, or storm drain failures that may be causing some of the surface failures and would require additional and possibly significant funds to repair. It is expected that additional repairs will be needed in the next five-seven years and thereafter on an ongoing basis.

January 20, 2016 The Association recommends that capital funds be released to repair the community streets at the Annual Meeting.
February 20, 2016 The community votes 93% to 7% to release capital funds to repair the roadways in the community.
February 23, 2016 A preliminary request for proposal is drafted and send to five concrete contractors.
April 2016 Receipt of preliminary project bids.
January 2017 Request for detailed bids and work plans.
February 2017 Finalization of work plans.
March 2017 Construction planned for first week of March.
March 2017 Projected halted because of concerns about possible costs for subsurface repairs to sewer or storm drains. Work plan to be scaled back to limit risk of special assessment to owners.
June 2017 Alternate work plan under negotiation.



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