The Beverly Oaks Association is a Texas Corporations that owns and maintains the common area assets of the Beverly Oaks subdivision which include the incoming water mains and outgoing sewer lines (from Carl Road to the curb in front of your house), the storm drains running under the subdivision, the Brentwood and Wilshire roadways, the 2023 Wilshire building, the irrigation system, the exit alley, traffic spikes and traffic warning lights, the concrete screening walls separating the subdivision from the multifamily property to the west and commercial properties to the north, and the fire hydrants and mailboxes.

The Association maintains these assets in accordance with standards set by Irving's departments of Code Enforcement, Water, Environmental Compliance, and the Fire Marshall. Failure to meet these standards can result in community fines, discontinuation of services, evacuations, or condemnation of the property.

It is the Association's responsibility to (1) set aside reserves (savings) to fund future maintenance and keep the properties up to standards, to (2) have a formal long term maintenance plan and budget, and (3) to purchase insurance and have emergency plans in place to respond to unexpected failures. As part of this effort the Association conducts engineering studies to determine the funding needed for future repairs, such as roadway repairs.. The current study estimates maintenance costs over the next 30 years to be $1.6 million.

Emergency planning is an important responsibility. For example, a water main break would result in the shut-off of water service to the community by the city until the line was repaired by the Association. Because water mains are not insurable, the community must have a cash on hand to pay for this type of repair. The complicated nature of these repairs (concrete excavation, high pressure water, etc.), relationships with specialized utility contractors such as TDIndustries (Dallas, Tx) or Batson Contracting (Lancaster, Tx. 972 227-6888) need to established. Having cash on hand, phone contacts in place and easily accessible site drawings could make the difference between having a water line repair taking 3-5 days and one taking weeks or even months if there were no funds reserved.

Recent Projects

2017 Garage Foundation Repair $8,000
2017 Mail Center $15,000
2017 Major Road repairs $50,000
2017 Exit Road renovations $25,000
Sale of Common Property (2013) ($27,000)
2010 Refurbish Traffic Spikes $700
2017 Paint and Seal 6,800 Sq Ft of Concrete Wall $4,200
2017 Mailbox Lighting $2,400
2012 Replace 2023 Roof $2,600
2010 Visitor Parking Signs $1,600
2010 Restoration of Irrigation to 40% of Homes $5,400
2010 Paint 2023 Building $1,600
2009 Acquisition /Renovation of Community Garage Donated
2009 Acquisition of Wilshire and Brentwood Drive Donated
2009 Creation of Website, Online Pay, Online Voting Donated

Future Needs

A reserve study was completed and approved by the board in 2010 and approved by a vote of owners in January 2011 (96% to 4%). At the time, the capital reserves are far below the funds need for the repairs outlined in the Reserve Study. The owners voted in 2010 to start an annual reserve with an initial rate of $5,000 year. Current reserve rates are 11% of the annual budget.

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