June Block Party and Garage Sale

Sold! Eighteen homes participated in this weeks community sale which was held under a bright June sun. The gentle breeze helped make the mid-90s temperature seem not as hot as it was. Ellie Finch was the Grand Marshall - the holder of the City of Irving permit. [Please wait a moment for the photos to load.]

The most novel garage set-up may have been the Clouet's at 1605 Brentwood which featured a concession for honey roasted almonds and peanuts - they were really good.

Probably the most interesting moments of the day were related to our traffic barrels that somehow seemed to move themselves at will - at times directing traffic north, at times to the east, at times blocking traffic in all directions. The committee has ordered forensic testing on the barrels to determine how this could have happened.

The diversity of things for sale ranged from computers to golf clubs to last years "fat" jeans. And as always some goodies never made it out of the neighborhood; they just took up residence at a new address. For some reason, only "fat" jeans were sold - apparently no one sells the "skinny" jeans.

The "after the sale" get together started at 4:30 PM. In addition to burgers, wings, and hot dogs, we enjoyed Betty Smith's coleslaw and Hugh Cox's peach cobbler, as well as an assortment of pies, cakes, and fruit. There were promises to share recipes..

If anyone would like a copy of their photo, please let us know. Anyone who prefers to not to be in the community album, also let us know.

Setting up the garage for community events

Other Community Photo Files


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